Obtaining IP rights, Recordation, Monitoring etc.

Geographical Indications

Sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities/a reputation that are due to that origin.

International Protection

Registration of inventions, utility models, designs, trademarks in foreign countries. National procedures. International procudures: PCT, Madrid, Hague.

Assignment of IPR & Recordation

Drawing contracts, contracts registration, IPR recordation, monitoring, etc.

Support Services

Patent drawings, translation, etc.

IP Search Services

Search Trademark Database

The aim of such search is to see if any trademark has already been registered or applied for that is similar to your trademark, used on related products/ services, and live.

Patentability Analysis

The search is conducted to evaluate the patentability of an invention by analyzing the three basic elements: novelty, industrial applicability and inventive step.

Design Patent Search

The design patent search involves searching existing patents to make sure your design has not already been patented.

Freedom to Operate Search

The analysis of the product, processes and packaging in order to identify potential barriers to commercializing your products or technologies in view of the patents in-force.

Protection of Your Competitive Advantages

The comprehensive analysis and assessment of the protection and the ability to protect the competitive advantages of your product.

Analysis of the IPR infringement Risk at Customs

The overview and analysis the IPR Customs` records in Ukraine for risks of suspending goods at the border due to suspected of infringing intellectual property rights.

Monitoring the IP rights’ Infringements on the Internet

Monitoring and dealing with IP rights’ infringements on the Internet, particularly, in the marketplace.

IP rights Management

Implementing the best practices of IP rights management in creating and using the inventions, designs, trademarks, etc. for reducing the IP infringement risks and better using own opportunities.

IP litigation & Unfair Competition

Representation before the Ukrainian Patent Office

Representation before the Ukrainian Patent Office and its Chamber of Appeal, submitting appeals against actions and decisions of the Ukrainian Patent Office.

Representation before the Court and Authorities

Representation in litigations related to the intellectual property rights and before the authorities in IP-related cases.

Enforcing the IP rights on the Border

The recordation of IP rights in customs’ databases is aimed to prohibit the export/import of goods that infringe your IP rights.

Protection against Unfair Competition

Support for the cases related to actions running counter to the rules of trade and other fairness traditions in business activities, including the risks of violation of the laws on protection against unfair competition in advertising, packaging, etc.

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