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Our services

Obtaining IP rights

We assist clients in obtaining patents, trademark registrations and copyright registrations as well as plant varieties and geographical indications in Ukraine and abroad.

IP Counseling

We offer IP counseling in areas such as freedom-to-operate and design-round counseling, validity analysis, prior art, licensing rights, and dispute settlement.

Intellectual property rights management

Our experts are setting up a holistic framework of IPR management aimed at reducing the risks of another person’s IPR infringement, increasing the company’s innovative potential usage, protecting the company’s reputation and its competitive advantages.

Protection against unfair competition

At IMEKCO, LLC, we provide support for the cases related to actions running counter to the rules of trade and other fairness traditions in business activities (unfair competition), including the risks of violation of the laws on protection against unfair competition in advertising, in packaging design, etc.

Enforcing IP Rights

Access a full range of options to enforce your intellectual property rights in order to prevent infringement in the marketplace, seek compensation for actual damage or preserve the legal validity of your IP rights before the relevant public authority.

Business consulting

Our experts will help you enter the market, in particular, that of Ukraine and the EU countries, as well as look for your potential partner, check his reliability, obtain licenses and certificates, etc.

We will ensure that your achievements are protected
and you steadily move toward your goals.

Brief information about us

We strongly believe that the one who never stops wins, and are always in the continuous process of improving the existing goods, creating new things, producing technologies and services.

IMEKCO,  LLC, is a full-service intellectual property law firm providing accessible and expert patent, trademark, copyright and business law services. Advantages of our firm are the combination of the obtaining IP rights with the court expertise in the IP-related matters. It has a positive influence on the quality of services as well as help to identify and reduce risks at early stages of R&D. We always take into consideration the clients’ business development in the medium and long-term, which makes it possible for them not to lose the opportunities and to save money and time in future.