Design can imply a form, drawing or coloring or their combination that specify the look of the product and are intended to meet the aesthetic and ergonomic needs of the customer. Design protection includes the look of any products, packaging, software interfaces, interiors, etc.

Patenting provides the owner an exclusive right to allow or prohibit the use of the design during the entire patent validity term that actually creates the legal monopoly. Patenting is an efficient tool for protection from illegal use by any means. Patenting increases the value of the company, its assets and investment attractiveness.

According to Ukrainian Law, the legal protection is not granted to:

  • objects of architecture (except small architectural forms), industrial, hydrotechnical, and other stationary structures;
  • printed products per se;
  • objects of an unstable form of liquid, gaseous, free-flowing, or like substances, etc.

The property right on an industrial design is certified by a patent.

The period of validity of a patent for an industrial design is of 10 years from the date of filing the application to the Office and may be extended by the Office at the request of the patent’s owner, but for not more than five years.

Patenting design in Ukraine takes about 8 months (the compact application procedure can be applied and take 2-3 months).

We can assist you in any IP-related matters in Ukraine as well as in Belarus, Georgia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

We offer the following services:
  • Design patenting in Ukraine by a regular (about 8 months) or compact (2-3 months) procedure;
  • Design patenting in other countries;
  • Juridical cleanness analysis (existence of design or other product patents that can be the grounds for the patent cancellation);
  • Freedom to operate analysis;
  • Juridical analysis of the perspectives of the criminal or administrative prosecution for the violation of rights on design;
  • Formation of the evidential basis for the criminal or administrative prosecution for the violation of rights on design;
  • Protection of the rights on design in court;
  • Transfer IP rights, licensing, franchising (agreements preparation and registration);
  • Adding the design to the Ukrainian`s Customs Registry;
  • Other services referring to design.


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